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Simple tastes...

Well, it seems there is a meme(and I actually went to Wikipedia to see what that word means...my dad once stressed to me that I should always make sure I understand a word before I used it...on of his few lessons that stuck.) going around with people talking about the 5 guns they would get if money were not an issue.

Well, no one asked me, but I'll play the game on someone else's dime...saves me having to come up with an original idea.  I'm sure my list is going to appear very, very, VERY basic and uninspired compared to a true firearms aficionados like Tam, Borepatch, and Robb(who I think started this whole thing).

1. 4.25mm Liliput.  I'm a fairly huge Alistair MacLean(Guns of Navarone, Ice Station Zebra) fan, and the Liliput Automatic figures in a number of his stories.  Because he was an author, and firearms accuracy has not always been a requirement in authors not named Larry Correia, Mr. MacLean referred to this gun as the .21 Liliput, when in reality it's about a .17 caliber.  Mr. MacLean frequently called this the smallest really effective gun a person could carry.  Cartridges of the World says it had a 12-15gr bullet at 800 fps for roughly 17 ft-lbs of muzzle energy.  CCI Mini-Mag's generate 135 ft-lbs at the muzzle.

Thank gosh I live in an age of micro 380's...

2. Colt Python.  Stainless...probably a 6-inch barrel.  I've never gotten a chance to shoot one, so I can only dream about how smooth the legendary trigger is supposed to feel.  Even if the trigger is not the best, well, I think they are the prettiest revolves out there.

3. .22 Caliber Gatling Gun.  I know that you can buy a kit for under $400 to make a two-barrel 10-22 based gatling gun online.  A lot of the reviews I have read say that feeding in an issue.  I would rather have one of the 6-barrel classic looking ones, but ONLY if it feeds good. 

4.  Marlin 1895 Guide Gun.  I want a big Boomer.  I guess I could I could pick something like a .577 Nitro Express Double gun, but like I said, I'm a simple man.  Given how much I enjoy my .357 Lever-Action, I think my Big Bore jones could scatched with this pretty guide gun.  Maybe throw some Magna-porting on the end, but I see no reason not to go with .45-70.

5. Long Slide 1911.  I just think they look neat.  Do I need any more justification than that?  Something like this STI Target Master would do...but Stainless please...

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  1. #4: That's an Alaska mosquito gun