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Then that must be how it really happened!

Flipping through the TV channels after my beloved Patriots destroyed the Denver Bronco's, I was torn...Tombstone had about half-an-hour left on one channel, while The Outlaw Josey Wales had been on for about half-an-hour on another channel.  Now, of the two, Josey Wales is a much better movie than Tombstone, but Tombstone is fairly entertaining.

I flipped back and forth until Doc shot Johnny Ringo in the head, and then settled in for some Josey Wales.  I had been watching it for about 10 minutes, when I had to sit through the first commercial.  It was during the return the from the commercials that I realized I was watching the HISTORY CHANNEL. 

Now, I'm not one to complain about any opportunity to watch Josey Wales, but much like I'm sad that MTV no longer plays music videos, I'm kind of bummed at the thought that the History Channel might not actually show, you know, REAL history? 

I hear maybe they are going to have a Koren War Special 'M.A.S.H.' marathon tomorrow. 


  1. Both films about a Reckoning. Cool.

  2. Yeah, now that you mention it, they are.

    Josie Wales is one of those movies that surprises me each time I watch it. You get so hung up on his great lines, and the shoot-outs, that you(well, I) forget what a great movie AND message is out there.