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Can't believe this isn't a bigger deal!

Obviously, one person can't read all the news there is to read out there, and a story or two is going to fall through the cracks.  Luckily, there are fine folks out there like Mr. Borepatch to pick them up out of the cracks, and show them the light of day, because I don't have enough rage in my life as it is.

Court strikes decision for mentally ill woman’s abortion

The only thing to do with a story like this is pass it along, which I rapidly did to my wife.  I wasn't alone in not hearing about this.  My wife has a pretty big granola/baby wearing hippy streak in her, and you would think something like this would have previously popped up in some of the circles she occasionally finds herself in...but not even a whisper.

This is a tough story, and can't be easy on any of the folks involved.  'Mary Moe' is sick, and can't take the medicine she needs because she is pregnant.  She is so sick that refuses to believe that she is pregnant, and is not getting proper medical care for the pregnancy.  Her parents are worried about her, and want her to take her medication.  They are sooooo worried about her that they went to court to seek legal assistance in having her end the pregnancy, so she can go back on her medicine. 

Sad, Sad, Sad.  It can't be easy to have to make these decisions for your daughter.  It can't be easy to be a judge having to help make these decisions for parents that are just trying to do what they think is best for their daughter. 

I myself don't have any religious opposition to abortion....but it's quite clear that the lady in this story did.  If I was faced with having to make a decision about saving the life of my daughter, or saving the life of an unborn child...I would probably side with my daughter...especially since in this case, the lady had already previously had a child(and previously had an abortion prior to having that child).  This isn't a 'life saving' decision though(okay...my wife the nurse who used to work in a mental facility says you can do violence to yourself if she was off her meds). 

The judge in this case was ruling in favor of what the parents wanted...the abortion would still have required their concurrence, as would the 'sterlization', and I think having read the whole story through, it's really that 'sterlization' part of it that tripped my trigger.  The parents weren't asking for that, and there was absolutely no need to make a bad situation worse by ordering that course of action.

The judge, perhaps sensing the poop storm that was going to be triggered by this decision, has recently retired, and it was unable to be reached for contact. 

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  1. I found it via Stephany who covers a lot of what's going on with the courts and the mentally ill.

    Yours is a thoughtful post, but I still stand by my comment that the judge should be horsewhipped.