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Horrified, yet intriqued.

Yesterday after work, I had to go meet my wife and kids at Home Link, which is the Alternate Learning Experience that my wife does with the girls.  Technically, Home Link means that my girls are actually enrolled in public school, even though my wife is their primary teacher at home.  She has to go over her teaching plans with a councilor, and submit progress reports, but there is also a co-op feel to Home Link, where there are weekly workshops offered that our kids can participate in.

None of that is important right now though, other than to make a point that after work last night, I got to drive by the Taco Bell here in Richland.  Not through, just past.

Now...I have been known to eat some Taco Bell.  Heck...I've occasionally even been known to crave Taco Bell.  It's not really the flavor...it's just something about the overall 'nastiness' of it that must trip some primal instinct...Mmmmm....processed beef product, and nacho flavored cheese food.  Oh, and you want to put 'sour cream sauce' and crumbled up Doritos on it?  Given their price point and the convenience of their hours, I'm think anyone who has ever had too much to drink has eaten Taco Bell. 

Yesterday though, I was thrown for a bit of a loop.  Instead of their newest meat and cheese flavored gut bomb being advertised on the side of the building, they had posters for 'First Meal'(an Taco Bell aficionado would know that Taco Bell tries to lure in the post-drinking crowd by referring to most of their menu as '4th Meal').  'First Meal', then, is their attempt at, gulp, the breakfast crowd. 

I'm not a big fan of fast food breakfast.  I can throw together a PB&J to eat in my truck in less time than I would spend in a drive-through line.  About the only fast food breakfast item I really enjoy is the steak and egg breakfast burrito from Jack in the Box.  I'm not a fan of the poached/fried eggs they put on most breakfast sandwichs at McD's and Burger King. 

Now, the other strange strategy with Taco Bell(and the thing that means it's uncertain when I will do a review of their breakfast) is their hours.  Leaving NO doubt that they are aiming for the post-drinking binge hung-over crowd, Taco Bell isn't starting to serve breakfast until 8, and then will stop at 11.

If they don't get you on your way home from the bar the night before, they'll get you as you stumble into work/class late the next day.

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  1. One of my first memories of Groton was going through the Taco Bell drive-thru and having the kid manning it pretty much lean out the window and yell "But you gotta have the SAUCE!" in an attempt to get me to take the stuff.

    I don't go to any Taco Bells anymore, but there was one guy here who tried shooting up one over on the east side because they went up on the price of their burritos.