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I'm so weak.

Even before the clock struck Midnight, I was already mentally adjusting my Resolution. 

Earlier in the day, when my wife had asked me if I had come up with my New Years Resolution yet, and I told her I had, and that it was tied to her step-brother.  A few days before, she had told me that her step-bother had lost 20 pounds, and I joked if he had just given up beer.

Meant as a smart-ass comment, it had rattled around in my own head for a few days, making me wonder how many empty calories I am consuming every week in carbonated beverages.  I don't drink beer every night, but when you figure 2 every couple of nights, and more than 2 on Sunday's watching football...well, and average week would be 7-8 beers, at 160ish calories a piece.  Figure in that if I am drinking beer watching football, I am probably snacking on something too...all told, we are looking at probably 1 pounds worth of calories every two weeks.

Not a joke at all. 

So...when asked, I told me wife that for my New Years Resolution, I was going to give up beer.  Not alcohol, because I don't feel I have any kind of an alcohol problem...just a waist line problem, and diet soda and whisky have a much more acceptable calorie load. 

A few hours later, one of my friends told me about a new bar that was opening in town, with over 50 taps...trending to local microbrews.  Sigh.  So...my first modification to my resolution was to allow for a beer or two if I was out at a bar. 

My 2nd modification came after a buddy of mine invited me to his house Monday to watch what should be two of the best college bowl games(Rose and Fiesta), and pointed out to me that the Superbowl is only a bit over a month away.

So, before we even rang in the New Year, I had changed my resolution to no more drinking beer sitting around the house by myself. 

I'm off to a good start....10:45 and I haven't had a spot of beer yet!  I even dumped out the 1 Killians I had in my fridge, to remove the temptation. 

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