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Resume Reading

Not much blogging tonight...I actually have some homework.  Due to some shuffling that happened over the last two months, I am lacking a Lead Technician to keep me out of trouble.  I posted the opening before Christmas, and I now I get to 'grade' a few resumes before settling on the top two candidates for interviews.

I suppose I could have done it at work, but sometimes things like this are more fun with glass containing some diet coke and Gentleman Jack's by your side.

Two things are readily apparent to me: 

Since this opening was an internal one, for technicians already working for my company, on paper, most of these folks are WAY more qualified than I am.  They should be interviewing me. 

I have always known, and this confirms it, that I fell into a pretty good situtation in both my naval career, and with the shipyard.  It's somewhat amazing how little motivation it takes to get yourself picked out of a crowd to be given an opportunity.  The real trick lays in not shooting yourself in the foot when you get that opportunity.

Second...I have lived a very sheltered life.  Even if we included jobs I had before I graduated high school...I have only had 5 different jobs: Baggage Clerk in high school, Hot Tub Cover maker the summer after graduating, then the Navy, The Shipyard, and now being a RADCON Manager at Hanford. 

Some of these resumes I look at...folks have a new job every 12-18 months!  It's tough to tell if that is them getting bored, or them being asked to move on.  I guess that is why we have a request for references.

Anyway...it's very exciting, and I should probably get back to it. 

First, a musical interlude! 


  1. I shouldn't read blogs before coffee, when I'm still half asleep. (was up late talking to my Dad 3 hours behind me on the West Coast). I read the one job as Hot Tub Cover Model.

    You've done well for yourself, and have a lot of skills and wisdom to pass on. Whomever gets the position will be fortunate to work with you.

  2. Hope I don't owe you a keyboard.

    I have earned where I am now through my performance...showing good judgement when being given a chance to prove I am more than what a piece of paper says I am...but...it also limits me. If something happened that caused me to have to find a job outside the nuclear industry, I would be in trouble.

    I'm not big on regrets, but one of them I do have is that I have been out of the navy almost 10 years now, and I have made no serious attempt to go to school...it makes for a pretty big blank spot on MY resume.