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Range Preps

Made plans to go shooting tomorrow with one of my co-workers.  I'm more excited/nervous about it than I have been about any other range trip in quite a while.  The guy I'm going shooting with is qualified as a range officer at our local range, and he is going to take me shooting in the practical pistol bays. 

This will be a first time for me.  Other than two or three times I went shooting at 'the old rock quarry', all of my shooting has been done in a carefully controlled manner at the range...standing still at the firing line, firing one round at a time(maybe occasionally being able to get away with a double-tap or two).  I've never really gotten to practice firing from the draw, or firing on the move, or multiple target aquisition techniques.  Pretty much, my shooting experience has been limited to punching holes in stationary pieces of paper, while I stand stationary.

I'm not too bad that type of shooting...but I am terribly worried that tomorrow is going to prove that I am barely able to claim I am not dangerous to myself, let alone dangerous to a hoard of zombies. 

Oh well...we can't fix it if we don't know it is broken. 

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