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Make the bad man stop!

Today out on site, the temperature reached a heart-breaking 109 degrees, while down in Richland, I believe the official high is only 107.  While that all sucks, it's still short of the 112 degrees they had been forecasting at the end of last week.

As far as the whole 'dry heat' thing, goes, I'll buy that up to temperatures in the low 90's....but above 100 degrees, hot is hot.

Tomorrow is expected top be the same, before things cool back down to right around a 100 for the 4th, which still sucks.

Lucky for us, we will be joining my mom for the 4th of July in Western Washington, where the temperature on the 4th is supposed to be in the upper 70's. 

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  1. I have to disagree. While, no doubt, at 100, no matter where you are, it is just plain hot. Where I came from in Iowa it got just as hot there as here, only with humidity. And I would no more step a foot in that a.o. when it is like such than I would kiss Hitlery. Urhm... anywhere.

    Actually I would take 110 and dry, here, than 90 and wet, there. Hands down, any day. 90 there is more like 115 here, only worse. Sweat won't even evaporate and drinking more just bloats you there. Bleh... Fly fodder...