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Putting off my canning/pickling obligations, I instead took my wife and kids out for lunch, and then surprised them by heading to the movie theater to go see Despicable Me 2.   Now, I never saw the first one, but I don't think that really effected my enjoyment of the 2nd one.  I mean...Gru used to be a villain, who turns into a mostly good guy after being saddled with 3 little girls to look after...ready, break.

It was a cute movie, with several funny parts.  I dig me some minions, and need to get a few.  I can't say it ranked as high on my list as most Pixar products...it lacked a few of the subtle nods that play to the adults in the crowd...Despicable me just plays it a bit straighter as a kids movie.  The kids, being the target audience, loved it. 

Prior to the movie, there was the usual collection of 'animated movie' trailers you would expect, but there were two trailers that caught my eye.

The first was for The Lego Movie.  Yup...another movie based on toys...but, after watching the trailer, I've got to tell you I am 47 times more likely to take my kids to The Lego Movie than I am to ever watch G.I. Joe, or Battleship.

The other trailer that caught my attention was for Enders Game.  Loved the book, and the trailer looks pretty good.  Tough to go wrong with Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley.  My only hope is that the maintain the twist in the book.  Even though it won't be a twist to people like me, who have read the book...it's an integral part of the story.  Remove the twist, and I'm worried that it will just be another kick-ass space battle movie, that I will probably go see anyway.

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