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Worse things than bills come in the mail...

Got home today to find a letter from the Richland PD waiting for me in the mailbox.  Instead of some picture of one our cars running a red light, as I had feared, it was a letter notifying me that a Level 3 Sex Offender had moved in within, say...300 yards or so of our house.

I'd rather have gotten a red light ticket.

Now...I'm not the type to go and say I'm going to shoot the dude on sight, because that's a good way to incriminate yourself.  But...if I see him and he is looking sideways at a kid, ANY kid...well, appropriate action will be taken.

This is where I kind of get mad, and maybe a bit irrational.  I understand the concept of serving your time and having a second chance...but folks like this guy have proven that they are not able to be rehabilitated and fixed.  They are tracked as level 3 offenders because they are recognized at a risk to repeat.  In the end, either you can trust someone to be back out in society, or you can't.  If you can't, as is the case with a Level 3 Sex Offender, put them in a hole in the ground.  Stop wasting my tax dollars tracking them, and measuring circles around schools, parks and the library.

Kids are EVERYWHERE else too...which is where this guy could be right now.


  1. I don't even have kids and I feel the same. Actually, in most cases, I don't even trust their classification system. Some things shouldn't have an 'acceptable error rate'. Sure, an 18 year old who was dating a 16 year old and went to far? That should be worked out in (shotgun wedding) family style. The rest? Put them away, or down. There is no other rational choice. Gotta happen. If the government, as an institution, won't do what has to be done, then we as the government, will. Or... should, have in the past...

    That is just creepy.

  2. We had an incident here, where a Level 3 SA was caught exposing himself in public in a park, but somehow they can't charge him with more than trespass? I don't understand it but it was all over the news...and yes, it specifically stated ".....cannot charge him with anything stronger than....."