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I don't know how you defend that!

Back in February, a tragic accident occurred when a Maryville Police Officer left his firearm in the cup holder in his van, under a pile of mail, while he got out to visit an antiques shop on the way to a wedding.  His three year old son got ahold of the gun, and used it to kill his 7-year old sister.  After a three month investigation, the local prosecutors office decided to move forward with 2nd Degree Manslaughter charges.  The jury failed to reach a decision, and the prosecutors office declined to retry.

Meanwhile, the Marysville Police Department conducted their own investigation, and reached the decision to fire the officer for:  'committing a negligent act, endangering himself or others, not promoting a positive image as a police officer and of conduct unbecoming a police officer.'

I agree with that decision 100%. 

What I don't agree with is the Maryville Police Officer's Union filing a grievance to try to get him his job back.

I mean...I know that a union is supposed to defend it's members...but come on.  Isn't this one of those times when the union leadership can say 'Man...you left a gun out and one of your kids used it to shoot another one of your kids.  You avoided going to jail...just let this one go'. 

ESPECIALLY because prior to firing him, the city offered him another position with the code enforcement office.  The only possible reason for saying no to that is so you can test the unions power. 

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  1. If you lead a perfect life and none of your children end up being hurt, or killed, bully for you. If I were you? I'd be knocking on wood as hard as hell. Mistakes do happen, accidents do occur. If you think you are immune, super. But the man has paid more dearly than you will ever know. Taking his job is just an insult on injury.

    Unless... you think he, or cops, deserve to lose their children for a relatively easy to make mistake? Or, do they just deserve to lose their children, period. Some people honestly do think of cops as pigs, hard to tell. It seems to be a recurring theme, one gaining power in certain political circles. I had thought Manson showed us why not, personally.

    I don't trust the police, necessarily. But I'm also not quite ready to pull the plug on them as a whole, if I will (as I always have) keep my distance as well. Then again I avoid being involved with the military and intelligence communities as well, if for only slightly modified reasons.