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I'm such a wimp.

A few years ago, one of my friends started what has turned into an annual event...a float tube drip down the upper Yakima river.  That first year, we all came over from Western Washington, and I remember being a snively bitch because it was over 90 degrees, and I was DYING.  However, since the water in the upper Yakima was snow less than 20 miles ago, you WANT it to be hot...the water temperature is in the low 50's.

This year, it's only supposed to be about 85-86 degrees today for our float trip...but I have been living in South Eastern Washington, where that is a cool summer day.  All my friends coming from the damp, wet side of the state are all excited, but as I sat in my back yard yesterday with the mercury hovering at 84, I began to get worried...what if I'm an acclimated wimp, and 85 degrees has me shivering all day?

Oh well...time to man up and head out anyways. 

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  1. My Aunt and Uncle lived in Kennewick. I've spent many a summer day there trying to keep cool in assorted bodies of water. . have fun!