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I win.

Last night while I was out mowing the grass and gaining a new appreciation for Coors Light, my wife was out running around town, looking for a new dress.  My 20-year High School Reunion is next weekend, and my wife is in the enviable position of not currently having a dress that fits her.  Oh, they fit on her, but due to the weight she is lost, they are not flattering anymore.

Last night she came home with two new ones, which rapidly turned into a fashion show, as she showed me a selection of looks to help narrow down, and I showed her what I was planning on wearing. 

I came out the definite winner in this game, especially because the new dresses my wife bought were size 8's, a size she has never gotten to buy in her adult life, where as the clothes I was trying on were, well...the number was larger than several multiples of 8.   

I'm afraid pictures will have to wait(she didn't have her 'face' on)...but, whoa Nellie!  I'm not sure I would bother going to my reunion if I didn't have a pretty wife to show off. 

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