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I am SO cutting edge.

Supposedly, this study came out back in 2007...but I just found out about it today.  Luckily, I am sooooo good, I've already been living my life this way.

A pint of beer is better for you after a workout than water, say scientists

I'm just kind of bummed out that the study doesn't have more details.  Does it have to be a Spanish Lager, or would a Yuengling or an Amber Boch work fine?  Would a pilsner, ale, porter or stout be better for you than a lager? 

I'm willing to volunteer to be part of a more in depth study. 

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  1. Oh, that's my problem. I'm light on beer. A pilsner, not light itself of course, and regardless of which is supposed to be best, will simply have to do. I use the term "A" lightly, mind you. It is Friday though! Thanks for the... urhm... information.