Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


I didn't want to be bored, anyways...

A quick trip to the local farmers market turned what was shaping up to be a lazy, lazy weekend, into a slightly steamier, less lazy weekend.

Yup, the price is finally coming down on green beans, and so I bought right around 15 pounds worth of them, with the goal of doing some pickling.  I also bought a handful of Serrano peppers so I could make a batch of spicier ones, instead of just dill. 
The only real problem with this plan is that it is supposed to be 98-101 degrees this weekend, not ideal for sweating over a canner.  However, I think I have a plan. 
Because I went and donated blood this morning, I will probably be ready to go to bed about 8-8:30 tonight.  Then, I can wake back up at about 3:30-4 AM, and get most of the sweaty part done before things heat up, and have a great excuse for a last Saturday afternoon nap!

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