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Product innovation.

On the way home after work today, I stopped at the local store, and spotted this product which I had not previously seen:

A portable, disposable shot. 

Holy Crap, that's brilliant.  I can't believe no one thought of it before.  I'm both very happy and very sad that they didn't have a product like this during my professional drinking days. 

Now...as for this particular flavor, I can not recommend it.  Not because of it's name...whatever...it just didn't taste very good.  I'd rather drink nyquil than this flavor again.  They had about another 6 or 7 flavors though...in 6 packs or singles.  A single shotglass was $1.95...not bad by the standards of what a shot costs at a bar, but then again, it's not as strong as a shot of 80-proof you would get at the bar. 

Strictly for research purposes, I'd be willing to try a couple of the different flavors before entirely writing them off...

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  1. In my pro drinking days, that's what I called a fifth. A heavy night was a case, a fifth of vodka in mix, and a fifth of Yukon Jack (100 proof) on the rocks. Glad I mostly quit, as much for cost as anything. But I only did that once or twice a week. A few pitchers another night or two. ymmv