Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Old enough to know better

With the recent passing of my 38th Birthday(and the news that one of my uncle's diabetes has gotten bad enough he might need toes cut off), I've decided to get a little serious about my health again.

In a major step for me, I got rid of the jar of bacon grease I keep in the fridge, and I started bringing stuff to work so I could work out during lunch.  We don't have a huge workout area for our team, but there are two stationary bikes(one of them recumbent) and an elliptical machine.  With those few choices, it's kind of up to random chance which machine I get to use on a given day.

The two times I have used the recumbent bike, I have been left hurting, by something goofy going on in my left hip.  I'm fairly fine on the bike, but once I'm done...doing any kind of pivoting on my left leg leads to some pain and weakness...almost like my hip wants to 'pop' out of socket.  It's distracting, to say the least.

So obviously, the bacon grease has been acting as some kind of lubricant for my hip joints all these years, and I need to cook about 3 pounds of bacon up this weekend to jumpstart my collection again...

Oh, my wife had some other ideas, but I think I might try mine first.


  1. Apply the bacon grease directly to your hip, externally. ;)

    A word of advice: cardio is extremely important, but never pass up an opportunity for upper-body training. It's believed to increase testosterone levels, which increases overall strength and makes ALL exercise easier and more productive.

  2. I am probably not going to be considered... sage... in my advise, or more... testimony, but...

    I have gone near full on carnivore. Oh, once in a while, a vegetable or grain will find it's way down my gullet. But what I found, for me, was that meats, and heavy on the fats, is much better. First, I have the juice to do what I need and want to do, if I have to push it at least I can, mostly. My heart is an issue I can't ignore (viral infection from long ago, so not fat-involved).

    I drink 1-2 gallons of whole milk a week, I eat almost all meat and higher fat meats, I use only real butter, I frequently eat lard, if I will use canola, olive peanut and other real oils (I fry/deep fry frequently), and I literally avoid low-fat, low-cal, anything, save splenda diet coke. Lots of straight sugar does gum things up, if I do have regular soda when I get a rare meal in town. And I drink my beer or mixer or scotch ever so occasional, as well. To keep with doctor's orders on just having a few cups, I have a cup that holds a twelve pack... for those blue moon ceremonies. :p

    Now, given that I could be on the heart transplant list, and have been undiagnosed as such until a few years ago for the last 20 years, I can do incredible things in spite of it, just not all the time, or even always on call. My doctor gave me a stress test of his own devising and was so impressed he thought we were done (he is with the heart transplant clinic). Nope, not done, I still have a very bad heart after three years of treatments. It's the meats and fats... Might not be good for women, or at least their girlish figures, but my diet is very good for men... I'd... I do... stake my life on it. It's probably why I am still alive, or part of it.

    Though I am as active, as hard, as I can be, too... when I am able to be.

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