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Bolting already!

So far, I've been fairly satisfied with my container gardening.  The kale and Swiss chard have both came in pretty well, and I hacked them both back awfully hard yesterday to use in making a pot of wanna-be Zuppa Tuscana. 

Like wise, the 'leaf lettuce mix' has been doing pretty good.  While there is not quiet enough in the pot to make a dinner salad all by itself, when mixed with some iceberg(or some baby kale, Swiss chard or spinach) it helps add some character to a salad.  It's already been harvested pretty hard three times, but it just keeps coming back. 

The only thing I have been kind of underwhelmed by is the pot of spinach.  It just never gave much output, and now, even though I have kept in the shadiest section of my yard, it's bolting already. 

I'm not quite giving up on it yet, but I sense the chickens are about to be very happy.  

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