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I don't want to be 'That Conspiracy Guy', but...

Kind of frightening news out of the northern part of the I-5 corridor, as shortly after 7 last night, a span of a 4-lane bridge collapsed, dropping at least three cars into the water.  Preliminary reports are that the collapse was caused by an oversize truck striking part of the bridge.  Additionally, reports are coming out that there were only 3 injuries, and luckily no deaths caused by this incident. 

That's nice...it's nice because it sucks when people die in freak accidents, and also, it's nice because if someone had died, I would be a total ghoul and jack-ass for what I'm about to say:

It's very convenient that the truck which caused the accident made it safely off the bridge, and that this accident happened at the end of a week in which the Washington Legislature, locked in special session, has been debating a 10-cent a gallon gas tax increase. 

Now...I'm not saying(because then I would both a tin-foil hat AND a colander)....but I'm just saying.

On the other hand...it blows my mind that a bridge on I-5 cannot handle any traffic that it is legal to have on the road.  I-5 in the major west coast highway, running from the Canadian to the Mexican border, you would think a bridge on that road would have to meet certain guidelines....which I'm sure it does, it just might be time to revisit those guidelines. 

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