Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Now...I'm okay with that!

It seems like more and more we are seeing stories of police officers using their tasers to end difficult situations they might once have talked their way out of.  Occasionally, this goes poorly, as some taser uses have led to death. 

Well, police officers in Snohomish County thought a little outside the box after a wanted criminal fled from them and hid up a 40-foot tree.  They called in the fire department, who proceeded to spray our bad guy with water in an attempt to get him out of the tree. 

The solution worked, as 'after a few blasts of water, the suspect willingly agreed to climb down the tree.' 

I can only imagine...we used to use fire hoses to convince sea lions to get off the bow of the submarine do some training topside in port, and you wouldn't have to hit me with a full stream blast of that many times on a cold morning to convince me to climb out of a tree. 

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