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No middle ground.

Yesterday, I made a solo run to go see Iron Man 3.  While my wife enjoyed the first two Iron Man movies, and The Avengers, she said she would rather use our next date night for seeing Star Trek, so I should go see Iron Man 3 alone, that way she could go see The Great Gatsby alone.


Iron Man 3 was highly entertaining.  It was better than Iron Man 2, and might even have been better than the first one.  As always, Robert Downey jr. was outstanding.  If they try to continue doing Iron Man without him, you want to be the guy after the guy who replaces Downey.

I think more time was spent outside the armor than in previous movies, and that was okay.  It was just a good movie, with some fantastic acting by Ben Kingsly, and a great relationship between Downey and Don Cheadle.

As good as the movie was though, what made the biggest impression on me yesterday was getting to see the trailer for Pacific Rim on the big screen.

Oh my.

Pacific Rim is what I was referring to in my post title.  There is no middle ground for this movie.  It is either going to be the biggest, coolest movie of the year or the biggest disappointment of the year.  I'm putting my chips down on it being amazing.

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