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Welcome to the 21st Century!

Earlier this week, my wife finished painting the walls and cleaning the carpet in the downstairs 'guest room/library'.  Her hard work done, it's now time for my painful part...spending the money to actually decorate the room...actually, more than decorate..actually furnish.  To use the room for it's intended purpose, we need book cases, and something to sleep on. 

I'm fairly used to shopping online, but shopping for furniture online is new to me.  However, since we did the whole Amazon Prime thing to watch movies/TV shows that we can't always find on netflix, we figured we should look at our options and see what we could get with our 'Free Shipping'.

We ended up finding a suitable futon on Amazon, but decided to go through Office Depot for the book cases

Now...the futon is nothing fancy...but it's a place someone can sleep when they come visit for a weekend.  You might not want to spend a week or two there, but...dang it...it will work for a few years.  Chances are, it's not big enough for two people to sleep on unless they REALLY like each other, but we also have a folding bed.  If our guests are married, they might just have to sleep in separate beds for a night or two...we run a very Ozzie and Harriet operation around here. 

Those book cases are just the beginning...the two 'big' ones.  We figure there will be another two or three shorter ones to fill in the room.  We have a LOT of books, but those two shelves should let us start getting boxes out of the garage, which will be nice. 

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