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Since October.

After it was proudly revealed that the Everett Police Department ran a two month 'sting' with the end result being three misdemeanor charges against a few baristas, the Kent Police Department has now claimed their own bust, stating that an investigation being run 'since October', has resulted in the arrest of two baristas. 

I'm sorry folks.  I know that my libertarian frame of mind does not reflect the same morals of most of our society, but you can't tell me that multi-month investigations to get a few misdemeanor charges is good use of a police budgets, even if I'm sure there are plenty of officers willing to volunteer for the job.  Heck...they probably even offer to pay for their own latte's(who am I kidding, I'm sure the tax payers are paying for that).

Plus, let's do some extrapolating.  If the Everett Police(North Sound), and the Kent Police(South Sound) are doing this...it stands to reason most jurisdictions in between are doing it also. 

Oooh...maybe we should just use the 10 cent Gas Tax Olympia wants to introduce to fund a State Wide Bikini Barista Task Force!  I mean, the Kent Police tell us they are not resting on their laurels:

“These arrests do not signal the end of this investigation,” Kent Police Assistant Chief Pat Lowery said in a statement.

Nope...I'm sure there are many more aesthetically pleasing young ladies to be looked at out there police stings to protect society from these hardened criminals to be run. 

The ONLY thing that came out of either of these investigations that made me feel slightly less nauseated by this use of tax payer money is that one of the ladies in Everett, was in fact a girl of 16.  A 16-year old didn't come up with this idea on her own.  If the result of this is that she is able to find a job with slightly better mentorship elsewhere, then this isn't going to be a 100% waste. 

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