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75th Anniversary Stock-up!

Congratulations should go out to the fine makers or Spam, which is celebrating it's 75th anniversary.  I know that because recently there was a display set up at Safeway, advertising several 'special annniversary' varieties of Spam.

Now...I'm not a huge fan of Spam.  I can and have used it diced up in scrambled eggs, or fried rice, or macaroni and cheese, but I've never been the type that can cut off a slab o' Spam and eat it on a bun.  That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the shelf stable nature of Spam.

Anyway, I ignored the 75th Annivesary Spam special...until they ended up on the 50% off shelf. Combined with the sale and the discount, it brought the Spam down to $1.42 a can.  I don't need to like it very much at that price.  I didn't buy all of it, but I did buy about two dozen cans.  I'm hoping it will probably taste better than crows I shoot in my backyard when I am furloughed later this year.

I'm kind of looking for an excuse break into some of it I bought...the two new varieties are 'Black Pepper' and 'Jalapeno'.  I'm thinking that jalapeno flavor might be okay diced into some eggs or mac and cheese.

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  1. Try a fried egg, fried spam, cheese with pickled banana peppers on toast.
    I first had one of these back about 1975 in the Philippines at a Subic Bay SRF food stand that catered to the locals who were working in the shipyard.
    Been making them for myself ever since.