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He won't do that again.

Slightly confusing story, because the way I read it, the guy that was shot actually lived at the house where he was trying to break into, but...potential domestic violence situations sometimes end up confusing.

Man killed after forcing his way into Spokane home

There are somethings that aren't confusing.  The guy was not wanted at the house at that time, because he had been fighting with his baby momma.  He was armed with a knife, and was making threats against the life and safety of other people.  He crawled in through the doggy door, and posed a threat to people, and the homeowner shot him.

The only thing I would second guess the homeowner on is when he called 911.  With that many people around, someone shoud have called 911 before it reached the shooting point. 

Not that it sounds like the bad guy deserved a 2nd chance...I'd hate to celebrate anyone's death, but I do not think this guy will be missed by society as a whole. 

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