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Dudes lucky to be alive

A week or two ago, Roberta had a post about a pizza robbery that was attempted by a 15-year armed with a 'BB Gun'.  One of her points(which I highly agree with) is that if you are holding something that looks like a gun, you better expect other people to react like it's a gun. 

A perfect example of this happened this past week in Lake Stevens, when a police officer got involved in a foot race with a guy who skipped out on paying his taxi fare.  After tripping and falling, allowing the officer to reach up to him, the bad guy pulled something that looked like a Beretta out of his waist band, and pointed it at the officer.

Luckily for the bad guy, the officer had already drawn his taser during the pursuit, and he used that to defend himself rather than attempting to draw his service gun.  Pissing your pants because you are being shocked is a cheap price to pay for pointing something that looks like a gun at a police officer. 

I'm glad for the officer here.  I've never been called on to shoot anyone, so I can only imagine the mental stress Officer Thor(what a kick ass name) is avoiding because he tased this guy instead of killing him. 

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  1. Officer Thor?


    "Thor tased me." really kicked over my giggle-box. That poor dumb bastard's going to have a helluva time in the joint.