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Setting a bad precedent.

We like to joke about how, since put the offer in on our house in mid-December, it is the biggest Christmas present we have ever bought for ourselves.  Now, half way in between Valentines Day and our Anniversary, we have bought ourselves our biggest Valentines/Anniversary gift ever.

It's a 2014 Mazda CX-5, purchased yesterday from Mazda of Everett, where we got a really, really good deal.

Only had it for an afternoon, but the immediate impressions(my wife test drove one without me) are favorable.  Compared to what it is replacing, a 2004 Subaru Impreza, it's just MORE in all categories: longer, wider, taller, faster, better gas milage, quieter, has a fancy backup camera...and yes, more money.  However, we bought that Impreza for around 18K almost 9 years ago.  With it being paid off, ANY new car payment was going to feel ouchy, and there was no realistic chance of finding a replacement in that price range.  The deal we got, combined with what we were putting down, kept payments at less than half our mortgage, which is acceptable to me.  I know Dave Ramsey says to not buy new cars, but the deal we got combined with under 2% interest on the loan caused me to justify ignoring that.

Still, it's almost scary the convienience touches even Mazda, which I wouldn't describe as a luxary car maker, is putting in new cars.  The back up camera, bluetooth that lets you use buttons on the steering wheel to operate your cell phone, CUP HOLDERS!  A cynic might look at all this and just think it's 'more stuff to break'.  I'm a cynic, but also wonder how long it will be before the computer tries to kill me for waiting a week tooo long to change the oil.

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  1. I like the notions Ramsey puts out. I don't know about you, but even with all the time in the world, banging on a broken down used vehicle engine or transmission or whatever, or knowing a good used versus a bad used to buy are beyond my ken. Further, repair shops will shark you almost every time you go in, if they are short on business especially. Now, if you have a ton of time and health and someone to help and teach? But if you are old and busted, or busy with family and work, or such... Ramsey will hit you hard, in the wallet. One size doesn't fit all, whether being advanced by the government or a libertarian zealot!