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I can feel it already.

After weeks of online research, I finally headed to the local nursery this morning to pick up a couple of plum trees.  Despite all that research about which varieties are self-pollinating, and which work best in different hardiness zones, it really came down to what the nursery had in stock.  In the end, there I was, standing between a row of plum trees and using my magical internet machine phone to look at the Spokane WSU Extension Office's webpage, and bouncing it off the choices actually available to me.

The closer/smaller one is a Green Gage, and the bigger one is a Stanley.  Both are of the European Prune Plum family, and while they are supposed to be self-pollinating, everything I read(which is quite rare) says that they will pollinate, they will produce more fruit with a pollinator available. 
After that, it was just digging a couple of holes, which had to wait until after I brought my younger daughter to soccer, and a healthy lunch at Jack-in-the-Box afterwards.

I needn't have worried about the calories at lunch...digging those holes burned them off.  I had to go deep, but in the end I go them in, and staked up.
Yup...the other one looks like this, only different.
The worst part is having to wait to see if I screwed it up.  According to the lady at the nursery, these were both trees that wintered over, and they both produced fruit in the containers at the nursery last year...so if they don't produce fruit this year, it's something I did.
All that complete, I settled in after dinner with a Piper Canyon Scotch Ale, from Laht Neppur Brewery in Waitsburg, which I purchased at Mid-Columbia Wine and Liquor's new 26-tap Growler filling station.  What a wonderful world we live in...and what a great thing to do the day/evening before we roll the clocks forward. 
I forsee NO trouble falling asleep tonight.


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  2. I have to stop trying to do this on my phone...I complain I don't get comments, then I delete them.

    Yes Kurt, they were pretty root bound in the pot, so I did my best to break them up. Truthfully, getting them out of the pots was the worst part of the job...basically had to cut them out of them...it wasn't like pulling a 4 inch tomato start out of it's pot...