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Trace isn't always right.

A few years ago(2005?  Really...stop, it can't have been that long ago), Trace Adkins had a hit with 'Songs About Me'.  The point of that song is the relatabilty of country music(to us country music fans, or anyone giving it a chance), and that's why we like it...and for the most part, it's true.  Heck...part of it just might be that it's sung in a way you can actually understand

No one is right all the time though, and while I enjoy her voice, and I like listening to the song, I don't get 'Merry Go Round', by Kacey Musgraves.  I like her voice, and I find the song and the hook enjoyable to listen too...it's just that one time Trace is wrong(the exception proving the rule, I guess).

Now, don't get me wrong...if this was a song was strictly about work, I'd 100% agree...but, I like my life in the Tri-City Burbs.  Oh...I could use some more green, and a better view of the mountains like I had in Belfair wouldn't suck...but I don't have any of this Debbie Downer/Stuck in  Rut...meloncholy that she is singing about.  Right now, I'm watching my kids slog through their bowls of Apple Jacks, trying not to giggle at their Day Light Savings induced 1000-yard stares...and I am perfectly happy.

There I go, bragging again at how much I don't hate my life. 

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. 

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  1. Ah? Your life doesn't suck? Oh, that's terrible. Perhaps you need therapy? :p

    I pray, even when bad things happen, that you remember this. Even when life is hard it doesn't have to suck. It is always up to you, mostly. You may need these times and that mindset.