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Wow, that's some dark stuff.

I'm normally a fan of country music, but for the past few weeks I've been tending to avoid the country stations.  Just too much of the same sound, and too much of that same sound sounding like Taylor Swift.  No doubt she is a pretty girl and she can sing a catchy tune...I just haven't felt like buying what she is selling.

This weekend, my hand was forced by geography, so I spent most of Saturday listening to country music, and heard a few songs released over the last month or two that had previously escaped my attention, and one of those lodged deep.

I failed to catch who sang the song the two times I heard it, but man, it was different, and it was dark.  Yesterday I finally got a chance to play on youtube, and by feeding in the few lines I was able to remember and much trial and error, I finally found the song.

Much to my surprise, it was by The Band Perry, and called 'Better Dig Two'.  I have extolled the virtues of The Band Perry before, but even so, I was not prepared to hear this new song from them. While they had some serious songs on their first CD, even the serious stuff was 'sweet'.  This is the opposite of 'sweet'.

If their first CD was a handfull of M&M's, then this new song is one of those individually foil wrapped salted dark chocolate squares.


  1. Dark? Uhrm, that's the woman I'm looking for... at least sentimentwise. If I do go first, and I will, though, I don't want her jumping in my hole. I'll need a rest from her by then anyway. Heh.

    Hmm, I'm going to have to steal that vid to do an expose on my ideal woman. Thanks.

  2. I don't normally care for The Band Perry, like, at all. But I have to admit I like that song........