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Does that come with dancing girls?

Earlier this week, my wife decided she was going to do a really, really, REALLY nice thing for me.  Knowing that I love challah bread, especially when I am going to make french toast, she spoke with one of the bakers at the local food co-op, and placed an order with him for four loaves of challah bread.  That may sound like a lot, and is more than we can use in the short-term, but it freezes pretty well if all you are going to do with it when you thaw it is make french toast.

Friday, I came home from work to find 4 fine looking loaves of bread on the counter.  I complemented my wife on her good taste, and she made a strange face while she accepted the compliment.  Feeling the need to dig deeper, I asked her what they cost.

I never got a direct answer out of her, but she did say, 'Next time I'll ask the price before I place the order'. When I guessed $25, which would have been six bucks a loaf, she said I was getting close. 

Oh well...no need to dig deeper than that.  I don't believe the guy was sticking it to us...challah is time consuming to make.  What matters is, when I made french toast for dinner tonight, it came out fantastic.  We then put some of the homemade blueberry syrup my wife canned over the summer on it, and it was MORE than fantastic.  It was fricking awesome. 

I'm still not 100% certain ANY loaf of bread, even custom ordered organic challah is worth seven dollars a loaf. 

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  1. I've tried making it. Its worth $7 a loaf if the guy did a good job!