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That's just not working for me...

I'm a fan of Christmas songs.  I like the classics, the originals, and the remakes of the classics(I think that covers it all). 

Of those, the remakes have the toughest row to hoe.   People get a lot more emotionally attached to Christmas songs than other songs, and if you mess with one of their favorites, there is a very narrow window for success. 

Few people would argue that 'Santa Baby' is not one of the big Christmas songs, and there are a number of GOOD versions out there: The Eartha Kitt original, Madonna, and even Kelly Pickler for a recent attempt.  Notice something about all those names?  Female, most of them emphatically so. 

The opposite of Michael Buble.  Talk about a question that didn't need answering 'How would this song sound when done by a man?'  This is nothing against Mr. Buble...he is an interesting singer in a genre all by himself..this just didn't need to be done.

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