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Score this one as a win.

One of the 'smaller' things that the girls got from Santa this year is the 45th Aniversary edition of Mary Poppins.  This was added to the list after a discussion between my wife and I made it clear that they have never seen Mary Poppins.

Heck, the truth is, it's probably been about 15 years since I have seen it too.  I was a little concerned that it might not stand the test of time compared to Cars and Monsters Inc.

Luckily, my fears were groundless.  The kids LOVED it, even if there was a time or two they were slightly confused.  'Daddy, why are they talking so strange?'

Even my wife and I enjoyed watching it.  It was the first time for either of us as parents and that causes you to look at somethings differently.  For instance, I had never really realized it before, but Julie Andrews was really quite attractive.  I thought she looked a little like Colbie Smulders(Robin from How I met your mother).

Now I just need to convince my younger one that Chimney Sweep is not a preffered career choice.

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  1. I... how odd what has been forgotten in the rush 'forward'. There are several movies she was in that are epic, to my mind. That one, The Sound of Music, and... there must be others? Another blogger reminded me of something else from yon that I had forgotten, if a bit different. The old egg beaters from yore. I think I will be getting one of those soon. Might as well add one of her movies to the bag.

    Oh, as for chimney sweeps? My guess is that is a better paying, more secure, and happier job than, say, 9 to 5 in a human kennel, no? If I have children, it is my designed hope to get them into real careers. If nothing else, I hope to at least send them off with practical skills, the ability to use tools (including the main one which lies between the ears), and let them choose from there. A chimney sweep, huh? I bet if you checked, you might be surprised about that as a career choice.