Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)



Modern technology is great.  We can turn on CNN and watch the East Coast feed for New Years, meaning we can let the kids stay up and drink some sparkling cider and blow on their noise makers without them being demons tomorrow. 

It's also great for mom and dad.  Or dad at least.  My wife is a little more of a night owl than I am...her natural rhythm is stay up late and sleep in, while mine is Ben Franklin Early to Bed, Early to Rise. 

Anyway...we watched the ball drop, and the girls toasted it with their sparkling cider, while the wife and I had some sparkling wine.  No champagne for me...the last time I tried a brut(which was a few years ago) I was unimpressed.  My wife and I prefer Matini and Rossi Asti.  Sweet and bubbly, you do want to drink some water afterwards...or after the first glass cut it with some OJ and Peach Schnapps for faux bellini's, otherwise you might wake with an aching head.

It's too late for anything deep or philosophical...last year had some highs, and it had some lows, but the highs were higher than the lows were low(and if you can follow that, you also must have drunk 3/4's of a bottle of asti because your wife was 'taking it easy').

I hope everyone out there is playing it safe tonight, and is as happy with their last year as I have been with mine. 


  1. Ha Ha

    Miller Lite is as bubbly as I get.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Oh no! You have to at least go for MGD...it even says it's the 'Champagne of Beer' on the can!