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The many sides of the holiday.

Christmas has come and passed, and I can't think of a better one I have ever had.

The day started out good the night before.  Due to actual foresight and planning, my wife and I were able to be in bed before 11, which is early for Christmas Eve.  Usually it's a late night wrapping and assembling gifts. 

Then the girls slept in pretty decently.  I was laying awake in bed, and heard my older daughters door open about 6:45.  She went to the restroom, and then I'm pretty sure she crept around the tree a bit, just because it was a while before I heard her door open again.  About 15 minutes after that, my wife and I giggled because we heard here leave her room again to creep down the hall.  Mt wife called out that she better come and snuggle with us before looking at presents, and within 10 minutes, our younger one was in the bed also.

A queen sized bed is not really made for 4 people, even if two are kids, but it was a pleasant start to things, and bittersweet.  The girls are 7 and 10...we are approaching the point were that might not ever happen again...and yeah. 

Moving on.  Presents!

The girls seemed happy with what they got...big things included a new DS for our younger one, and a big dinosaur hunter lego set plus some K'Nex for the older one. 

I know...it's not supposed to be about the presents, but when you get those smiles...it makes you want to buy them whatever they ask for.

Mama did okay...she got a Kindle Fire, and a set of Addi Click adjustable knitting needles, and a new set of gold hoop earings.

Me?  Well, For the kitchen I got a new meat grinder attachment for my Kitchen Aide, and a self-scrapping paddle, and some new wooden spoons and spatulas, and an apron my wife had one of her friends make.  Then there was a new rechargeable spotlight, and a few Dresden Files books, and yes, a tomahawk.


  1. Is that a superhero apron? Too cool!

  2. Yup....one of the few gifts I had no idea was coming....very cute.

  3. Oh man, that last pic is AWESOME! You can't beat a man in a comic book apron holding a spatula AND a tomahawk!