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Trifecta Perfecta!

Made two trips out yesterday, with the goal being the completion of my Christmas shopping.  I would say I was mostly successful, completing 60-70% of it.  The morning trip was better than the afternoon session, since the afternoon session included bringing my 7 year old out to get her shopping done, which really just involved walking down each and every aisle in the toy section at Wal-Mart and Target while she showed me things SHE was interested in. 

The big purchase for the day was made at the store formerly known as Sportsman's Warehouse...a Rossi Trifecta, intended for my oldest daughter.  With a .22lr, .243 and 20ga barrel, I paid $350 for it, which was actually a bit less than another store in town wanted for a Rossi Matched Pair, which just had the .22 and 20ga. 

It seems like a slick little gun, and a great training tool.  The .22 barrel has a cute little set of fiber optic sights on it, the 20ga has a bead on the front, and .243 has normal open sights, and is threaded for a scope, which I didn't buy yet. 

The range report will have to wait a bit...my guess is a month or two, but hopes are high.  All I know is it sure feels tiny, and it should fit my daughter okay...even my full size 10-22 is too big for her to hold comfortably.  Heck, now my only problem might be stealing it from my wife.  When I showed it to her yesterday, and let her hold it, it kind of confirmed for me that I should be looking more at youth/bantam sized stocks for her. 

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  1. I have a gentleman friend who owns just such a firearm. He is pleased with it. I have shot all but the .22 on it. It packs a little bit of a punch on the .243, being light, and a heavier punch on the 20, but... If my brother lived somewhere they could have firearms (campus-like thing), I would buy just such a thing for his girls. Or a Henry .22. Gah, the gift of guns could be endless.

    Oh, and grats on not being so pc that you wouldn't get your daughter a shooter. I read as you went pretty squishy on cartoons and was starting to worry! You youngens... :p