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Well, I would volunteer, but...

Well, that's kind of depressing....the NRA's big responce to all the calls for gun control is 'volunteer armed guards at schools'.


Now...I don't think that is a 100% horrible idea....and I would certainly volunteer for the task, but it kind of overlooks the fact that most of our schools are gun free zones.  If we do away with the gun free zones, I think that's 90% of the battle...we just need to remove the impression that schools are soft targets.  I think 2 or 3 staff members who decide to carry at work would be just as effective, and much less controversial, then 'volunteer armed guards'. 

If this is the best the NRA can come up with, I think we might take a step or two backwards on this one.

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  1. From a Christian standpoint, one could look at what Christ did and said. Yeah, I know, it's not your gig. But, being around others it's not bad to hear the tale.

    Christ suggested that it if you have a cloak but no sword, sell your cloak and buy a sword. To back that up, between the twelve (disciples), three swords were purchased.

    As for armed guards? As you said, have some of the more stable teachers, the ones that can pass the background and psych evals carry. Doesn't have to be every one, and many wouldn't make the cut. Of course, if we made it mandatory, we might just get rid of half the public ed problem, too?