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Saved me from myself

For a while Sunday through Monday, I had an itch.  Between the horrible things that happened in Connecticut on Friday, and some the things that Obama and other politicians have been saying, I had a bad, bad jones to hit the local ACE Hardware and see if they still had any AR's in stock.  Over the last year, they have always had 2 or 3 AR's on sale...usually DPMS's for under $800.  I figured if I went down there, and they still had them in that price range(or even $20-50 more) that I might pick one up....typical panic purchase.

Life events quickly began trying to change my mind. 

While I was in my truck to go run some erands Sunday, I noticed my 'Battery Voltage Low' light was flickering on and off.  I checked the battery and noticed there was a fair amount of corrosion on the positive post.  After doing some actual maintenance on the battery, and taking the connection apart and putting it back together, the light was still on.

Monday morning, after rolling back over, I swung by Les Schwab, figuring it was easier to have them test the battery than assuming it was an alternator issue.

It was an alternator issue.

After dropping the truck off at a local mechanic, it was off to the inspection of the house we are trying to buy, where I had to write a check.  Following that, we went to the Mortgage Brokers office to sign some paperwork, and then to write a check for the appraisal.  On the way home from the mortgage brokers, I got a call that the alternator was all swapped out and ready for pickup, so we went to get my truck, where I got to write a 3rd check. 

Yeah, well...between those three checks, and the way my wifes eyes kept lighting up as she was decorating the new house in her mind('Oooo....and a new couch here, and some curtains there) I decided that the time had past to pick up a new AR.  As some folks would say, the time to purchase an AR has long past.

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