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It's all Greek to me...

These last few months, my wife and kids have been participating in a Greek History Co-Op.  The lesson plans wrapped up this week, and the moms decided to put the finishing touches on my having a Greek themed costume dinner last night.

So, lets see.  The short one is supposed to be Aphrodite, the one on the right is supposed to be Athena, and I'm pretty sure the one in the middle decided she is an Oracle. 

What was dad?  There was a reason I took the picture instead of posing in it, and it's not just because I'm not pretty.  There were 4 of us dads that went, and none of us got into the costume spirit.  I told me wife the only costume I was willing to wear is that of a Spartan Warrior, and she decided jeans and a blue shirt was Greek enough.

The food was good...Gyro meatloaf, and Greek spaghetti, and lots of things with olives and feta, plus feta for desert.

Overall though, the best part was realizing how much the kids had learned as they argued over which God/Goddess was the most powerful. 

'Yeah, but I'm Athena...I sprung from Zeus's head fully grown...that makes me more powerful than you, because you just married Hades and have power of the underworld!'

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