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Might as well roll back over..

There's a front passing through out there...overnight the temperature has gone up 10 degrees, and the wind has arrived.  I'm listening to it howl, and according to my phone it's averaging 28mph, with gust to 46mph, and that's in town. That means out on the great wide open that is the Hanford site we are averaging over 30mph, with gusts over 50.

Not a lot gets done outside in this kind of conditions. 

Oh, we will do some inside stuff, and there are some calibrations and planning jobs we can do so we aren't wasting the tax payers money just staring at ourselves, but most of the true high risk outside work is put on hold in these type of conditions.  Crane's can't operate, and you really don't want to open a highly contaminated piping system outside.  If a gust of that wind catches something the wrong way, it can be in Walla Walla right quick, and that's what's known as a bad PR day.  Hypothetically.

Anyway...our inspection is scheduled for 10am this morning, and then at 1 we meet with our mortgage guy to actually sign some paperwork.  I told my boss I was going to come in for a few hours first...but I find my motivation lacking. 

The real deciding factor is that if I stay home instead of leaving for a few hours, my presence will greatly impact my wifes ability to get some useful homeschooling done in the morning...and I would rather face the wind than her with her hackles up. 

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