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Way to stay strong.

It seems there are some people not just getting their feathers ruffled, but getting full on outraged(OUTRAGED I say!) over a planned coyote derby being sponsored by Gunhawk Firearms of Los Lunas, New Mexico. 

Why, some people are SO upset over this coyote derby, they even signed a petition.  An online permission, because you can do that without leaving your house.  Which some have done from ALL OVER THE WORLD

You know the only thing that matters less than my opinion in this matter?  A Europeans opinion in this matter.  Especially when they are on the wrong side.

This last elk season I saw three coyotes running around...in the day time, which is not a normal thing.  The is 100% ZERO danger that we will ever run out of coyotes.  If me or any of about 20 people that I work with are in a rural, or even semi-rural area, coyotes are a 'shoot on sight' kind of opportunity. 

You know who haven't signed these online petitions?  Homeowners who have lost the family cat or dog to coyotes.  Ranchers loosing lambs and goat kids to coyotes.  Suburban preppers who have lost chickens to coyotes.  You know...the people that actually have to live with coyotes, as opposed to the Europeans and bleeding hearts on the East Coast who signed this online petition.

You know who cared enough to show up Saturday morning to protest?  NO ONE.  Unless you count the media, hoping to have some protest for a good story.  Agenda much?

Good for Gunhawk Firearms(can't find a website to link to) who stepped up and scheduled this coyote derby after a larger store in Albuquerque(Calibers, who has a web page but I won't link to because I don't approve of their decision to back down) cancelled their planned hunt because of protests. 

As of Sunday morning, only 1 coyote has thus far been turned in.  Hopefully Sunday is a bigger day....last year there was a coyote derby run north of Spokane(of course, it ran for a month) that brought in 297 yotes. 

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  1. There are more coyotes now in the US than there were 150 years ago.
    We shot all the slow ones and poisoned all the stupid ones, so what is left?