Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Satisfactory ending, Unsatisfactory journey.

Coming from the 'Don't just point it at them file', is a strange story from the Washington coastal town of Longview.  I'm not sure he was wearing a trench coat, but a generic 'creepy guy' approached a mother and her son at a park, dropped his pants and proceeded to well...get to 'know himself' in front of her.  The mom, unamused, produced a firearm, at which point the jack-ass quickly departed the area, pausing just long enough to curse the mom, and tuck himself back into his pants. 

Now...good on the mom for having her gun on her.  Even if the guy was no more than a garden variety pervert, you never know that this might not have been the time he lost control of himself.

At the risk of seeming like I'm picking on the mom, and the person writing the story(okay, I am making fun of the person writing the story.), that's the only thing I can say 'good' on. 

I was initially going to criticize the mom for taking her kid to the park at 8pm(3 hours after dark)...but if we assume the nice benches shown in the picture are where the incident happened, it's right next to a light pole.  If the whole park is lit like that, then...it should be a safe place.  And then, in case it wasn't safe(like the whole world isn't safe), she had her gun. 

Her gun that by her OWN admission, she didn't have ready for use!

"The magazine was mostly in the gun. I just popped it in completely and locked it, cocked it, took it out of my pocket, pointed it at him and told him he had five seconds and then I was going to shoot him," she said.

Why, oh why, would you carry a gun that isn't ready for use?  Yes, it worked out fine for her in this case...but how many other scenario's that would requiring deploying your gun would have ended well without the gun being being ready to use?



  1. Some woment carry guns in purses and other such places. They don't want the gun to go off when they are rummaging around for other items. I recall a mimor public figure in Louisianna who made news by having the Glock in her purse going off while she was eating in a restaurant.

  2. Too bad she didn't pepper spray; she could have sprayed it on a critical part of the flasher's anatomy...