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One tin soldier rides away...

Yup, the whole 'morning after thing'.  Just a quick reaction...

Nationally, I thought Romney had a chance...not that I voted for him(it's not my fault he lost..even if EVERYONE in Washington who voted 3rd party had voted for Romney(which ain't likely), Obama still would have carried Washington by 200,000 votes).  I'm neither a woman, or a minority, so I can't begin to answer what it would take for the Republican's to convince them to vote for them.  Perhaps a line should be forming outside Condaleezza Rice's door this morning.

The good news on the national level is that the Republican's kept the house.  Gridlock IS better than the wrong kind of progress, and maybe I'm fooling myself(just like I did voting for Johnson), but I see Obama having a hard time forcing a new Assault Weapons Ban through The House.  Not saying he may not push the envelope with Executive Orders, but...

Statewide, here in Washington, things have kind of a, dare I say it, libertarian feel.  It's looking like the Same-Sex Marriage Referendum is going to pass, as is the legalization of marijuana(on a state level...nice we could give some job security to the Feds), and creation of charter schools, PLUS for the 3rd time, voters again passed an initiative requiring a 2/3rds majority vote to raise taxes(it's only a matter of time before the State Supreme Court strikes it down for 'limiting the power of the Legislature, but at least the voters are speaking).

The only bummer locally is that it's looking like Jay Inslee will beat Rob McKenna as Governor.  Inslee just strikes me as a career politician, who has made a career of 'going along' in Congress, while McKenna, a former Attorney General, actually, you know...DID STUFF! 

Counts on that one will continue through the day, but right now Inslee has a 50,000+ lead out of 1.8 million votes counted. 

Now maybe we can start talking about this Fiscal Cliff we are heading at all Thelma and Louise like.

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