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Hey Rube!

This week in one of her workshops, my daughter learned about Rube Goldberg machines.  She then spent the evening in her bedroom with empty toilet paper rolls, duct tape, jenga blocks, books and stuffed animals trying to build one.  At bed time she was quite depressed, because she hadn't gotten her design to work yet.

My wife had a long talk with her about perseverence, because she was willing to give up.  20 minutes after lights out, you could still here an occasional tear from her as she tried to get over it, so daddy had to fo talk to her.  I told her about how the folks on Mythbusters had designed a Rube Goldberg machine once, and even with a design department full of craftsmen, it was very much a case of trial and error.

I'm not sure she believed me, but I committed to show her the episode when I got home from work last night. 

Turns out I didn't need to worry about it.  When I made it home, my wife showed me a video she had helped my daughter make.  This was attempt #5, with the goal being to have the leggo 4 wheeler attack the ceolophysis.


We still got to watch Mythbusters, also.


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