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Strange, it tastes like coffee.

I'm not a big coffee person.  If my wife makes a pot, I will drink some, and at a restaurant, I will order it with my breakfast, but at home, I prefer my hot caffeine come in the form of tea.  Preferably with milk and sweetener(either the pink stuff, the yellow stuff, or honey), which is also the way I drink coffee, when I do drink it. 

Obviously, I'm not in it for the flavor. 

My mother-in-law IS a coffee person, and to make up for the lack of a constantly ready pot when she was visiting, she picked up some Folgers Classic Roast Singles, which are basically a tea bag, but with coffee in it.  She has since gone home, but we still have a few of these pouches in the cabinet, so this morning, I decided to make one...just for research purposes. 

Ummm.....yeah, it tasted just like a cup of coffee should...which shouldn't be a surprise, but is.  I have several jars and cans of 'instant coffee' in the house, and on more than one occasion, I have tried some, just because...and I have never ONCE been satisfied with the finished product.  To steal from Douglas Adams, the product produced by Maxwell House Instant Crystals is something almost, but not completely unlike, coffee. 

The only thing I can't testify to, since I didn't buy it, is the price efficiency of these 'singles' packages.  I'm willing to bet it doesn't compare well with normal cans of coffee...but if it would be willing to pay more for it than I would be 'instant coffee'.  A few boxes of these, taken out of their package and then vacuum sealed, would be quite handy. 


  1. Quite handy indeed. Not gourmet but not bad, and yes a little pricey. But convenience is rarely cheap, and boy are they good in a pinch!

  2. I always keep some around for camping or power-outages.

  3. My doctor made me cut down to a pot of coffee per day after my heart attack. I tend to like using beans and grinding my coffee fresh. I keep several varieties in the pantry, depending on my tastes.
    I also drink tea, and keep several types and varieties of them also.