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Didn't know people still did that...

Since we moved into this rental house back in March, the house across the street has been 'for sale by owner'.  Sometimes the sign would come down and go up a few days later with different info on it, and occasionally we would see the homeowners show up to get something out of the garage.  Being trapped by our own house, I had a certain amount of sympathy for the homeowners, but other than seeing them get something out of the garage every few weeks, I never got to know them.

A few weeks ago, the sign came down, and it looked like things might be happening occupant wise, but with hunting and work, I never saw anyone move in...for all I know, it could have been the family that had placed it on the market moving back in.  I had heard from one of my neighbors that they had just moved in area.  I thought maybe they are able to get out of their new place and move back into the old one.

Fast forward to last night, about 7:30.  A knock on the door, which my wife answered.  Turns out it was our new neighbors across the street bringing us a loaf of pumpkin bread to say 'hello'. 

After making small talk on the front steps for a minute, my wife came back in, and looked at me.  At that minute I think we both felt about this tall.  New folks move into the neighborhood and bring us something, instead of us giving them something to welcome them.  Heck...like I said, I wasn't even sure it WAS new neighbors. 

I'm not usually intentionally rude, and I don't think we were in this case...I've just become increasingly used to a society where you don't make eye contact or stick your nose in...even if it's just to say hi. 

Might be time to make up a pan of the wife's zucchini brownies to return the favor...


  1. We've done it. And some of our neighbors have done it as well. But it is a bit hit and miss. Unless they have kids, it can be hard to catch up with neighbors anymore. Some people don't spend much time outside.

  2. In many countries, including Japan and Germany, it's traditional for new neighbors to go around, introduce themselves, and bring a modest gift to their neighbors.