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Ummm...try again please.

As election day approaches, we just have to survive one last push of commercials.  One that caught my eye, in an annoying manner, is urging people to vote against R-74, the gay marriage referendum here in Washington. 

The reason they give for voting against it?  If the referendum passes, they might teach about it in school.

Well, heaven help us if they actually teach about ANYTHING in school, but...really, THAT's your big reason?  They might teach about it in school?

I kind of understand that approach...you don't want to come across as 'intolerant', but...it's still a pretty lame argument.

Besides...gay marriage teaching aside, shame on you if you aren't already asking your kids what they are learning in school so you can either reinforce it, or offer a counter-argument. 

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  1. Child Eldest got in trouble last year in school for saying she knows what lesbians do--love other women. (She was not speaking about sex.) I have very rarely been left speechless by a teacher, but when I was told that, all I could do was stare.