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A fool and his money

I will admit, I am a regular participant in the Red Neck Retirement plan.  I buy tickets for the state lotto, Mega-Millions, and Power Ball just about every week(no need to talk about scratch tickets...I've got my girls convinced that the scratch ticket machine is a deposit box for their College Savings). 

So yes, I have bought tickets for the HALF A BILLION DOLLAR Power Ball drawing...but really, no more than I buy for a normal drawing...I mean, it only takes one ticket to win.  I won't even feel bad splitting the prize with 10, 20, 30, 40, or even 50 other winners.  That's still something on the order of 10 million dollars. 

I've even gone as far as picking out the house I will buy this weekend after winning...I'm a modest guy.  2500 SF on 80 acres sounds about right to keep me happy. 

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  1. If I had to pose it one way, I would declare there is no such thing other than a fool where it regards money. Those who attain it and cling to it as if money, gold, diamonds, wealth was life writ large are the biggest fools of them all. So... in my way of thinking... you are just fine. Oh, statisticians who refuse to play for the known loss are fools too, and more so, like gazillionaires, they worry about something that isn't even... real... in some, many, ways. And that while not even having it or a way to it. *shrug*

    Will you win? I... would bet against that. Will you enjoy losing? No. Will you enjoy playing? Obviously. And at quite a minor loss at that. What is a minor dream worth? :)