Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


It's simple math.

Morena Baccarin with long hair > Morena Baccarin with short hair.

While watching some Firefly this evening, I was struck(much like I was when I originally watched the show) by just how stunning Morena Baccarin is...especially with her hair worn long.

I mean, she was attractive on V, and she's attractive from what I've seen of Homeland, but, man, that hair she had on Firefly...

Picture borrowed from this them there blog.


  1. We have a couple little girls down the street who look just like -a younger- her. They are very sweet.

    I keep trying to encourage my nine year old to be nice to them because he may be more interested in them down the road.

    Nothing doing. Since they are nice to him, he is nice to them, but since they don't have any interest in Legos or Starwars, it is nothing more than casual politeness.

  2. That hallway is in the Ennis house, used in Blade Runner and the original House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price. The girl is too damned skinny.