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Not your parents 'Operation'.

Around our house, we aren't exactly swimming in 'consumer electronics'.  We have a TV in the living room hooked up to cable and the Internet, and in the family room, we have an older TV with just a DVD player on it.  To supplement that, we have a single lap top computer.  With the moving in and out of apartments, and even now a smaller rental house than we owned, there just hasn't been the room or need for a desk top computer.  What that means, is when all 4 of us are home, the lap top is seldom sitting idle for long.

So, anyway, with that unneeded background, last night my older daughter asked if she could use the computer, and I said sure.  After letting her run unsupervised around the Internet, I had better check on what she was doing.  To my horror, I found her floating around this site, Edheads, participating in a Virtual Hip Replacement Surgery. 

What a neat site...I mean, I'm not saying she's going to learn to be a doctor by playing around on this site, but she was having a good time, learning how to read an x-ray to determine which hip has less cartilage, and how to stich up the surgical wound when she is done. 

I guess maybe it sounds like I'm bragging, and, well, I am.  With all the useless stuff she could be doing on the internet machine, she settles in to something educational with her free time. 

Plus she has me hooked doing Virtual Knee Replacements.

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